Northern New Jersey Saint Bernard Club

2011 National Week
SBCA Regional PM Show - Bitches

Judge - Mrs. Karen Bodeving

Puppy Bitches 9-12 Months
1st - Vicdory's Sparkling Pixie Dust
2nd - Carmen It's Predestined To Be

Puppy Bitches 15-18 Months
1st - Summerlyn's Pour Me A Double
2nd - Trademark's Aphrodite V Kashi

3rd - Szajdas True Blood Over Easy
4th - Subira's Nala

Heezedoorn's Partner In Crime

Bred By Exhibitor - Longhaired Bitches
1st - Subira's Willow Tree
2nd - Sherick's Darling Little Girl

3rd - ShowMe STL Crown Candy

Bred By Exhibitor Short Haired Bitches
1st - Redside's Eclipse From Revilo
2nd - Cornerstones Feature Presentation

3rd - Brogan's Great Escape
4th - Ultima Thule's Karma

ShowMe Anheuser Busch

American Bred Bitches
1st - Alpine Mtn's Patches
2nd - Magic Mountain's Paris Of Cornerstone

3rd - Cornerstones Winter Storm
4th - Nebo's Jenna V Arrowhead

Ambersand Coldstream Savannah
Predix Get A Subpeona

Open Longhaired Bitches
1st - Majerus Mystic Not'n But A Heartache
2nd - Westhaven's Edge of Forever

Open Shorthaired Bitches
1st - Amberdee's Haley Of Silvercrown
2nd - Cornerstones Chasing Time

3rd - Scandia's Elmas Heezedoorn
4th - Cache Retreat Without A Doubt

Winners Bitch - Amberdee's Haley Of Silvercrown

Reserve Winners Bitch - Summerlyn's Pour Me A Double