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Saint Bernard Club of America - Weight Pull Trials
Weight Pull Trials The Saint Bernard Club of America Weight Pull Trials are a series of events designed to develop and demonstrate the natural abilities of purebred Saint Bernard dogs in a capacity involving heavy duty greight hauling that Weight Pull Trials the breed displayed during the days of the Alaska Gold Rush. Performances in such weight pull trials are intended to demonstrate skills resulting both from the natural ability and training that are applicable to realistic work situations.Efficiency in accomplishment of tasks is essential, evidenced by showing willingness and enjoyment of his work in a combination of controlled teamwork with his handler.
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Titles - Weight Puller(WP)
Weight Pull Trials Weight Puller is based on a minimum level of performance. A dog that pulls a load of at least eight (8) times its weight on snow or ten (10) times its weight on wheels in three Weight Pull Trials trials is entitled to the "Weight Puller" Title. Dogs must be at least 12 months of age before entering these trials.
Weight Puller Excellent (WPX) requires three additional sucessul pulls of 10 times the dogs weight on snow or 12 times on wheels. A Dog must be at least 18 months to compete at this level.
Weight Puller Superior(WPS) requires three additional sucessful pulls of 12 times the dogs weight on snow or 14 times on wheels. A Dog must be at least 18 months to compete at this level and have pulled 8/10times body weight on snow/wheels in an SBCA Sanctioned weight pull.

Course Set Up and Area
Weight Pull Trials The Chute shall be in an area not less than ten feet nor more than 20 feeet wide, and not less than 35 feet long. The Chute will be open on the end towards which the pull is made, and shall be as level as natural conditions permit. Weight Pull Trials If there is any perceptible slope to the chute, the direction of the pull will be towards the higher end. There shall be at least one physical barrier separating the crowd from the chute. Dogs will achieve traction on the same surface as that on which the sled or cart rides. The surface for snow shall be hard packed snow, and for wheeled events, natural conditions of grass, hard dirt, gravel or carpeting on a man made surface. The same physical dimensions shall be used for an indoor pull. A safe and adequate holding area shall be provided for both snow and wheeled pulls. All competing dogs shall remain in the designated holding area, which shall be large enough for all the dogs.

Equipment Requirements
Weight Pull Trials Sleds - If the event is held on a snow covered surface, the sled must be capable of safely carrying aload of 3500 pounds. The two runners must be two to four inches wide,and seven to ten feet on the contact surface and curved on the front end inareasonable manner for a sled.
Wheeled Carts - If the pull is on a natural surface other than snow, a wheeled cart will be used. The Cart must be capable of safely carrying 3500 pounds without any significant deflection, distortion, or deformation; that is, the cart must be designed so that no component bends, sags, twists or undergoes any perceptible Weight Pull Trials change as the result of the cart being loaded. It is suggested that the cart be no less than 30 inches in width nor more than 48 inches; and that the platform length be approximately 72 inches. The bridle and tug line will be a minimum of six feet but no longer than the length of the cart. The rig must be fitted with four pneumatic tires, which must all have the same air pressure prior to the event, with the inflated tire diameter being no more than 18 inches and no less than 8 inches, with solid metal axles equipped with roller bearings midway on the axle for support.

Procedures For The Pull
For each round, each dog competing in that round shall be required to pull the loaded sled/cart at least a measured 16 feet within 60 seconds. If the sled/cart is in motion at the end of the 60 seconds the dog will be allowed to continue until the cart crosses the finish line or stops forward motion. Minimum weight will be 500 pounds, with weight being added in successive rounds at a concensus of the handlers but at a minimum of 100 pounds. No food, treats or bait of any kind will be used, or be present on the person of the handler. The dog pulling the most weight in it's class will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie the pull times will be used. If a tie still exists the previous rounds pull times will be used.

The forgoing is a brief overview of the weight pull
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